Founder of the company:

Ms. Adeeqa Maryam is the Founder of the company International Viral News. Ms. Adeeqa has been dabbing in various professional fields after her graduation in 20… Whether be it remote work or commute work, her performance has always been exceptionally well. Along the journey, Ms. Adeeqa came in contact with numerous talented workers who aspired to do more. That is how the company came into existence.


The company’s diligent EMPLOYEES have been providing excellent services to International clients for a long time now. The International Viral News team basically has graphic designers, writers, and developers. But that’s not only what they do. Every member of our team is a multitalented person who offers not only services their title entails but also various other services. Have a look at all the services our team offers.


The diligent writers of our team have been writing fiction and nonfiction for more than 2 years now. Books? Articles? Content for your website? Resume? Blog posts? Scripts? Social Media Posts? Emails? Whatever the job is, just name it. Our writers are more than capable of surprising you with their skills. In addition to writing, our writers also collaborate with our designers to prepare images and covers needed for the content.


The highly experienced Graphic designers of our team have been designing logos, social media posts, banners, business cards, book covers, and others for more than 2 years now. Do you need a logo designer to bring your business idea to life or do you need to redesign your existing logo? Do you need a professional designer to design posts, pamphlets, or business cards? Or do you need help designing your brand, product, label, or package? No worries. The designers of our team can help you with anything and everything.


The meticulous developers of our team have been developing Blogs, one-page websites, and e-commerce stores for more than 2 years now. Do you need a website to bring your company live on an international scale to earn more and more profit? Or do you need a blog with SEO-friendly articles and monetization it from Adsense to get more profit from your investment? Do you also need excellent graphics to showcase your business as attractive as you want? No worries. The developers and designers of our team offer their various services in several niches.

For order, you can contact us directly or you can reach out to the founder on her freelancing profile.