Climate Change Continues to Wreak Havoc All Over The World

Scientists have been warning about the catastrophic dangers of climate change for decades. But the majority didn’t pay any heed to it. Until now when it has already begun to destroy our planet. Even now, the concern about its drastic dangers and the steps taken to combat it are minimal at most.

As a result, we have already begun to see the consequences of our lack of concern. And unfortunately, it is only going to get worse from now on. We can only hope to alleviate the effects. And that is only possible if the world comes together to battle against the causes of climate change.

Taking into account only the seven days of the last week, there have been more natural disasters than we can count.

Climate Change Disasters In The World During 11th-17th June

11th June

Tornado in Turkey and Bulgaria

Severe hail in Saudi Arabia and Iran

Heavy Rain in Ankara, Turkey

Snowfall in Russia

Storm in Hungary

Floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Azerbaijan (along with landslides)

12th June

Storm and Street Floods in Turkey

Strong Hail in Russia

Flood in Bulgaria

13th June

Flood in Turkey, Iran, Venezuela, Guatemala, and Hungary

Wildfires in the USA

Storm in South Dakota, USA

Intense Hail in Mexico, Russia, and Germany

Torrential Rain in Mexico

Tornado in China

14th June

Tornado in Czech

Windstorms and Hailstorms in Turkey, USA, Germany, and Romania

Floods in Salvador, USA, Russia, Mexico, India, Guatemala, Germany, and China

Forest Fire in Spain

15th June

Squall Gate in the USA

Strong Hail in Russia

Tornados in Russia and China

16th June

Tornado in China

Strong Hail in Italy

Forest Fire in Spain

Landslide in India

Flood in Ghana

17th June

Wildfire in New Mexico

Violent Storm in Canada

Heavy Storms in India, Brazil, and Austria

Flood in Bangladesh

If the above data doesn’t chill you to your bone then the coming data in the next few months definitely will. Several tornadoes, storms, and floods all over the world in just one week. Seven days with more than seven kinds of disasters wreaking havoc all over the world. All thanks to climate change which we still fail to take seriously. It is high time widespread measures are taken all over the world to soothe the blows of climate change. Or in the span of a few years, we won’t even have a world to be concerned about.

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