Climate Change Disasters In The World – 4th Week of August 2022

The measure of calamity the last week of august has brought to life due to climate change disasters is momonumental. Floods have wreaked havoc all over the world but some of the countries like Pakistan are more brutally affected.

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Climate Change Disaster Report – 21st August to 27th August 2022

21st August 2022

FloodHoshi, LogarAfghanistan
Mountain Fire ChongqinChina
22nd August 2022

Flash FloodPiazza Armerina, EnnaItaly
TornadoAnda, SaltoArgentina
Rain and thunderstorm Dallas, TexasUSA
LandslideChamba, Himachal PradeshIndia
FloodPashtun-abad, QuettaPakistan
23rd August 2022

Flash FloodRatulow, Lesser Poland VoivodeshipPoland
Heavy rainNoto Syracuse, SicilyItaly
24th August 2022

Flash FloodMassachusettsUSA
Flash FloodLipari, MessinaItaly
Thunderstorm and lightningPlovdivBulgaria
Fire TornadoNear Alvao Natural ParkPortugal
FloodingLa VegaDominican Republic
Storm and FloodStara ZagoraBulgaria
25th August 2022

Flooding after stormPotamia, Thassos Greece
Torrential rain and floodsIstanbulTurkey
26th August 2022

StormXativa, ValenciaSpain
Heavy rain and floodSai, OudomxaiLaos
27th August 2022

Heavy rains and floodsCuliacan, Sinaloa Mexico
HailBerga, CataloniaSpain

Additional Information

  • Pakistan has declared a state of emergency after the floods took about 1000 lives and displaced 30 million people. Pakistan has received 166.8mm of rain in August as compared to its average 48mm. The magnitude of destruction brought about by these climate disaster is huge. In only over 24 hours, the floods have destroyed 82,000 homes. People from all over the country have been generously donating for their fellow Pakistani’s affected by the floods. Relief and donation camps have been set up to help the affected people. International help is also expected soon. World bank has committed to provide 350 million US dollars for flood relief while 110 million US dollars, 20 millions US dollars, 40 million pounds and 3 million US dollars have been committed by WFP, ADB, UK Aid and UN Emergency Response Fund, respectively. In the last few months, Pakistan has been hit by a severe economic crisis. And now, it is dealing with a climate emergency all the while the country is in the middle of a political battle. Have a look at the destruction caused by the floods in Pakistan: Flooding in Pakistan
  • Due to record high temperatures, China’s largest freshwater lake, Poyang has shrunk by 75%.
  • A few days ago, an extremely rare iridescent pyleus cloud appeared over the Chinese city of Haikou.
  • The longest river in France, the Loire, and the largest river in Italy, the Po, have become almost nothing. The current drought in europe could be the worst in 500 years.
  • Dugongs have become extinct in China.
  • In China, the crisis of the real estate market broke out, sales have been falling there for several months.