Erica Mena accuses Safaree Samuel of grooming a minor

The Love and Hip-hop star couple Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels officially announced their divorce in the first half of 2022. The news came when Erica was expecting her second child. She is now a single mother of two children. The divorce was a mess. But if we thought we had seen the end of it when the divorce was finalized, we were wrong.

A few days ago, Erica Mena got into a heated war of words with Kimbella Matos. Kimbella Katos is an Instagram influencer and model who is rumored to be dating Safaree Samuel. The mess started when Erica took to Twitter to voice her frustrations.

Kimbella Matos was also not the one to take everything quietly. Hence, the war of words continued.

And the personal fight went on.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t end here.

But the recent development has left every reader in shock as Erica Mena accused Safaree of grooming a child. A 15 years old girl. We will not be disclosing the identity of the victim. Erica Mena said, “Safaree while we here tell ….. what you were doing with his daughter at 15 years a few years back.” That one statement could imply many things. None of them fall in the good category though.

Erica’s post took social media by storm. People were rightfully angry and horrified. They also slammed Erica.

Erica is a mother of two kids. It is actually quite baffling to see her using a child and her trauma to win a petty fight. It is also quite disturbing to accept that Erica married and had kids with a child groomer.

People also noticed Erica using a slur in a screenshot she shared.

Summary of the Erica, Kimbella, and Safaree Drama

Erica And Safaree’s rumored girlfriend got into a petty argument. Disgusting words were exchanged. And things took a horrifying turn when Erica accused her ex-husband of grooming a minor. Subsequently accepting that she married and had kids with a predator despite being aware of his disgusting deeds. And she also kept quiet about it all this time. In conclusion, People especially celebrities are some messed up creatures. And they undoubtedly need help. And also, some legal consequences to their behavior.