Ebook ghostwriting services

Ebook ghostwriting services



The diligent writers of our team have been writing fiction and nonfiction eBooks whether they be short stories, novels, or novellas for more than a year now. Do you need a ghostwriter to bring that story and characters residing in your head to life? Or do you need a nonfiction writer to research and assemble facts about a specific subject? No worries. The writers of our team offer their diverse services in several niches.


Our Kindle team which includes numerous creative writers, graphic designers, and editors, works together to provide a complete and affordable Kindle Publishing package to its clients. The services can also be availed separately. Specialized in Ebook ghostwriting services.

ebook Illustrations

The illustrators in our team offer their exceptional services for various kinds of books. Whether be it kid’s coloring books, adult coloring books, or any book that needs an illustration to enhance its impact, our illustrators put their heart and soul into it so they can bring your imagination to life.


Done writing the book? Onto the next steps then, the extra but very necessary steps – Editing and Proofreading.  Along with eliminating errors of all kinds to improve your writing, our team analyzes your work with a neutral outlook and offers honest opinions. And no writer can refute the importance of an honest and unbiased opinion. Let us help improve your book!


The final step before your document is ready to be published, is formatting. Formatting for paperbacks and hardbacks can be a daunting task but not really when you’ve done it various times. Our team is equipped with the tools, knowledge, and experience that are needed to format books for specific platforms. Be it Kindle or Ingram Spark, we have already done it before. So, your book will be in safe hands.


The most important part of the step for the sales is the preparation of the book cover. Your book cover is something that will attract a reader. Deciding to buy the book or not? That comes after the reader picks the book up. Our makes team has numerous creative graphic designers with widely ranging experience levels who pay attention to every minor detail to design an eye-catching cover for your book.


Publishing is an easy process but at the same time, it is not. It requires time and a lot of effort so our team offers to make it easy for you. Along with dealing with the complexities of the publishing process, we also provide optimized descriptions and keywords to help rank your book better.

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