Twitter in Chaos as Kpop Sensation BTS decides to take a break

The Global Kpop Sensation BTS announced that they have decided to take a break from group activities to focus on their solo careers. The seven-member boy band under BigHit Ent. announced the decision to their fans personally in a VLive. Furthermore, they assured the fans that they are definitely not disbanding and they will make a comeback together as a group in the future.

The news that BTS has decided to take a break spread like wildfire on social media platforms. Hashtags trended worldwide as millions of hearts were broken. But surprisingly, not because of the supposed hiatus. Mostly. It was the group’s feelings and insecurities that had the entire fandom shaken.

Army’s came out in huge numbers to show their support for their leader.

This decision was supposed to be announced after the release of MOTS2 which would have been their last album before their temporary hiatus. But COVID disrupted a lot of plans including this one too. And it gave army’s a few more singles and albums to cherish. For instance, their latest album PROOF with the title track, YET TO COME.

Check it out here : BTS Yet To Come

And surely with every important news, comes a lot of misinformation. But the boys took it upon themselves to discard all such news and reassure their fans repeatedly. RM took to Weverse to explain everything and express his disappointment.

Taehyung followed soon.

The golden maknae took it one step further and went live to clear up the misunderstandings about the hiatus.

There were thousands of comparisons being done with the original five but at the time of hiatus four-member boyband, 1 Direction. 1 Direction announced a break and that break never saw an end. Similarly, BTS has also announced to takr a break. Stan twitter wondered if BTS will have the same fate as 1 Direction. But BTS fans were quick to jump into that conversation.

The BTS hiatus was inevitable. With the military service hanging like a sword on the head of hyung line, this decision was long coming. The real question was,

Would they go together to fulfill their duty to their country?

Or would they go separately whenever they decided to?

Or maybe they could leave as two parts, first Hyung line followed by the maknae line?

Whatever they do, it would honestly be not too bad. If they go together, the group will be back together sooner. And if they leave one by one, atleast there will be other boys and their content to keep the people sane. If they leave in two groups, one could cover for the other while they are gone.No one knows what actually comes next except the boys themselves.

Where there were comparisons with 1D, there was also a delightful hope that was ignited by one of the most successful Kpop groups, Got7. Got7, a group of seven members belonging to different countries broke the myths surrounding hiatuses. In January 2021, the boy band left their company and decided to take a break from group activities. They pursued their solo careers and broke various records all the while assuring their fans, Ahgases that they are still Got7.

No one believed that they would come back as Got7 again except of course, Ahgases. And they were certainly right. Despite being in different agencies and countries, Got7 crumpled all the rumors of disbandment and officially made their comeback as a group on 26th May 2022.

Check out their comeback: GOT7 NANANA

The first-ever Kpop group to do that. And now there is certainly hope for the fans of all other groups too.

Whatever the decision is, one thing is for sure. We are getting Bangtan Solos. And there is not enough excitement in the world to express how much the people want that. Everything else should be left for the group to decide.